Walmart Is The Worst Place To Buy Rotisserie Chicken

You can't beat rotisserie chicken for fast dinners. It's cheap, prepared, and high in lean protein. 

Most stores sell chickens in a number of flavors, so you can eat one right out of the package or shred it for quesadillas, soup, or salads without seasoning. 

However, not all rotisserie chickens were equal. Rotisserie chicken consumers have sophisticated tastes, and even though Walmart sells hundreds of millions of them each year, its birds consistently rank low.

Conversely, reviewers found the chickens undercooked. "I purchased this chicken from Walmart in Covington, GA, and when I got home and cut it, it was not done," stated a buyer. 

Sometimes The Chickens Aren't Cooked Enough

Another said, "Uncooked. Much liquid poured into the bag from a cracked container." A third said, "I bake this chicken for 30 minutes every time I buy it to cook it through.

Walmart chickens are fine if properly cooked. Washington Post critics enjoyed it, saying, "[It] actually tastes like chicken that was cooked by someone who likes to eat rotisserie chicken."

At Walmart, you'll want to purchase a fresh chicken from the deli about the time they put out the cooked birds to avoid drying out beneath the heat lamps.