The Evolution of Taylor Swift's Hair Showcased by 8 of Her Best Looks

Classic Curls

Taylor Swift's early career was defined by voluminous, golden curls that epitomized the playful glam of the 2000s. 

Sophisticated Sweep-Up

Transitioning towards sophistication, Swift adopted smooth chignon updos, showcasing a refined color palette and framed her face with gentle tendrils

Raked Back

At the 2012 Grammy’s, Swift debuted a fringe-free look, later adopting finger-raked updos that complemented her trademark bangs, blending softness.

Subtle Milkmaid

Swift effortlessly incorporated themes into her updos, like this ashen milkmaid braid, adding a playful touch with flyaways and a crown braid above her bangs.

Long Layers

In 2013, Swift embraced bombshell vibes with blended bangs and long layers, blending elements of the 2000s and '60s for a timeless appeal.

Old Hollywood Chop

A nod to Old Hollywood, Swift’s polished wavy bob exuded retro charm, paired with wavy bangs and a bold red lip, showcasing her versatility.

Blunt Bob

 Swift’s angled bob and clean lines matched her evolving style, embodying simplicity and modernity, reflecting her fashion choices. 

Bleached Bob

With a daring bleach blonde look, Swift explored edgier styles, complementing her peroxide hair with moody makeup for a distinct change.