The 8 Best Old Garden Roses in the World

Cécile Brünner

This rose is commonly credited to Veuve Marie Ducher. Veuve means widow, and Marie Ducher grew numerous roses before and after her husband died. Cecile Brunner is one of her most enduring works.

Gloire de Dijon

The core of Gloire de Dijon rose is buff-orange, while the petals are soft creamy yellow. Sometimes apricot-pink. This rose's petals have numerous subtle colors throughout the year. Heat darkens colors.

Old Blush

Though possibly grown in Venice and Florence before 1752, it was introduced to Sweden in 1752 and England in 1759. This rose may have Song era Chinese connections.

Souvenir de la Malmaison

This ancient Bourbon rose has huge white blossoms with pink and peach highlights. Named after Empress Josephine's luxurious home where she collected roses from throughout the globe.

Gruss an Teplitz

Gruss a Teplitz blooms seasonally, creating a constant show. The loosely double scarlet blooms have a delightful spicy scent. Cut flowers, garden specimens, and hedges are possible. This rose's long, arching canes make it climbable.

Madame Alfred Carrière

Madame Alfred Carrière is one of the greatest climbing roses, producing beautiful, white flowers. Its 4 5-inch double flowers are white-tinged pink and aromatic. Recurring blooming is a plus.

Madame Hardy

Beautiful Damask rose. The central petals fold inward to reveal a green button eye in the double, huge white blossoms. The many blossoms smell fragrant.

Rosa Mundi

The gallica rose named after Henry II's beautiful mistress Rosamund Clifford is perhaps the most famous. No two fragrant semi-double flowers are similar, like snowflakes. A brilliant yellow boss sits in the heart of each 9 16-petal pink and white rose.