The 8 Best Beard Styles That You Haven't  Tried Yet

The Anchor Beard

This beard style resembles an anchor with a mustache that curves around the mouth and a pointed beard. It's achieved by shaving the cheeks and maintaining hair under the chin and upper lip.

The Verdi Beard

Short on the cheeks and longer with a rounded shape, the Verdi beard often includes a styled handlebar mustache. It's a confident style with a touch of dandy flair, blending elements from other beard styles.

The Bushy Beard

This intentional beard style is full and voluminous, usually accompanied by a styled mustache. It's favored by those seeking a relaxed yet groomed appearance, whether for everyday or retired life.

The Van Dyke Beard

A combination of a goatee and disconnected mustache, the Van Dyke beard features no connecting hair between the two components. It can range from sharp and refined to more casual and laid-back.

The Chinstrap

Defined by a narrow strip of beard along the jawline, the chinstrap style varies in thickness and complements different facial shapes. It requires consistent grooming to maintain a neat, even appearance.

Designer Stubble

Designer stubble refers to a short, well-maintained beard that enhances facial features without appearing overly rugged. It's a versatile style that can be adjusted from light stubble to a slightly longer length.

The Beard ‘Stache

This style pairs a full mustache with a short or stubbled beard, creating a distinct contrast between facial hair areas. It adds a bold and expressive touch to the overall look.

The Balbo Beard

The Balbo beard features a disconnected mustache and beard, often with minimal hair in between. It provides a defined look that emphasizes the mustache and chin area, offering versatility in styling.