The 7 Worst Foods to Buy at Walmart

Even carefully maintained produce may not survive long enough at home, and fragile foods like berries and leafy greens are more likely to have wilted leaves, mildew, a soft or mushy texture, or other symptoms of early decaying in store.

Produce With a Short Shelf-life

Deli meat sandwiches and roll-ups are simple to make. Some pre-packaged deli meats taste better than others. 

Pre-Packaged Deli Meats

Processed, packaged soups can be risky at any grocery shop. However, canned soups, particularly those sold by Walmart, are a source of worry. 

Store-Brand Canned Soups

Walmart has a good selection of grains and breakfast cereals, but their generic cereals are disappointing. In this instance, choose a trusted name-brand cereal (and other items) that you've tried or heard good things about.

Generic Breakfast Cereals

According to Best, Walmart's frozen seafood selection might vary in quality and origin, so seek for sustainable products with clear labeling or buy from a specialized fish market.

Frozen Seafood

If you enjoy coffee, Best recommends avoiding Walmart's generic instant coffee, which will most likely disappoint due to its low intensity and quality in terms of flavor and scent.

Generic Instant Coffee

If you can't resist creating a warm batch of cookies, morning muffins, pastries, or cakes, you might want to buy your baking materials and ingredients somewhere other than Walmart. 

Low-Quality Baking Supplies