Exercise For Men Over 50: Don't Let Age Slow You Down!


Start with 5-10 minutes of mild cardio. Jogging, rowing, riding, jump rope, or any heart-pumping exercise. Then do some dynamic stretching before the exercise.

Leg Swings

Grab a chair or the wall. Imagine that you are kicking a soccer ball while you swing one leg back and forth. Perform around ten swings for per leg.

Bench Press

One of the finest upper body workouts for strength building is the bench press. You will strengthen the muscles in your shoulders, triceps, and chest. Instead of using a barbell for this workout, you may alternatively use dumbbells.

Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are a crucial exercise to tone the arms, strengthen the upper body, and improve functional strength. With your arms falling down by your sides, take a stand with a dumbbell in each hand.

Bent Over Rows

The big back muscles, which are necessary for a powerful upper body and for carrying out several daily tasks involving lifting or tugging, will be the focus of this workout.


Squats are a great functional workout that strengthens your legs and core. The squat is an exercise that should be a part of any fitness program since it is a movement that is used in many everyday tasks.

Overhead Shoulder Press

Your upper body will get strong and your arm muscles will be well-rounded thanks to this shoulder workout. Hold a dumbbell at each shoulder with both hands while standing erect. At the peak of the movement, stop the weights by pushing them over your head.