Add a holographic effect to a basic black and white gingham print to make it look better. It is truly fascinating.

Wavy Gingham

If your Halloween outfit is about space, these space and alien stickers will make you look like you belong in space.

Out Of This World

Straightforward and to the point. Choose nails that are all black and a scary style that says something.

Spell It Out

Not a fan of black and red? Use bright colors to paint on blood drips. (The color mix of purple and green will make you think of Goosebumps.)

Neon-Dipped Tips

For a simple but creepy nail design, mix black and white pinstripes with a detailed skull shape.

Skeleton Shapes

In the 1970s, it was all about bright and bold colors. These black and white trippy prints are a sharp and stylish change from those.

Groovy Vibes

Paint skeleton bones all the way along your fingers, not just on the nail bed.

X-Ray Art

The traditional French tip is always a good idea. These black tips with silver shimmer are great if you want to go all out for Halloween.

French Glam

For Halloween, you have to have the famous Scream mask. Gems are used to dress it up here.

Scream Bling