9 Best Exercises To Support Long-Term Weight Loss

Whether you're 15 or 50, squatting works. As your core and upper body raise and steady the weight, it burns many calories. Strength and cardio will improve! Hold a dumbbell end in both hands by your chest with your elbows underneath. 

Goblet Squats

This version uses a counterbalance to help you get into optimal positions and squat properly. Hold a 5–10-pound weight plate before your chest with both hands. 

Plate Squats

This is one of the easiest techniques to build quadriceps and glutes. Even better, it works well in regular life, like going upstairs or uphill. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and place one foot on a box or bench. 


This is because the split squat compels you to target both legs at once, which doubles your workout and hits your core and stabilizing muscles harder. With one foot three feet in front of the other, your knees form two 90-degree angles. 

Split Squats

Rowing strengthens your back, improving your physique and posture. It'll help your shoulders. Beginners can do this exercise with a bench for support. Put your right hand and knee on a bench with your torso parallel to the ground.

Three-Point Rows

People lose fast-twitch muscle strength with age. Protect your muscles, joints, and bones by training them with rapid, explosive motions. You can throw and slam medicine balls, and they can take a battering.

Medicine Ball Slams

Many persons over 50 have shoulder or back problems that make overhead weightlifting difficult. Use the "scaption," which targets similar muscles without straining joints.


Strengthen your glutes and hamstrings to get lean, powerful, and fit. Hip thrusts target lower back muscles without straining it like deadlifts. Lower and extend your hips with a barbell on your shoulders on a bench. 

Barbell Hip Thrusts

Carries integrate cardiovascular training with strength and endurance well. You'll often have to carry heavy items like groceries and grandkids, so these help. Hold a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell in one hand, walk with your chest high and shoulder blades pinched. 

Farmer's Carries