8 Weird Southern Sandwiches We ll Never Stop Making

Southern Tomato Sandwich

A simple delight with soft white bread, mayonnaise, juicy summer tomatoes, salt, and pepper. Best enjoyed over the kitchen sink.

Pineapple Sandwich

A sweet combination of mayonnaise, pineapple, and sandwich bread. Some variations include cheese, ham, or a fried egg.

Funeral Sandwiches

Ham-and-cheese sliders made with Hawaiian rolls, deli-style ham, mustard, and cheese. Perfect for funerals, potlucks, tailgates, and parties.

Banana Sandwich

Slices of banana on soft white bread with mayonnaise or peanut butter. Elvis Presley's favorite variation included bacon.

Sweet Onion Sandwiches

Rounds of raw Vidalia onions between slices of crustless white bread spread with mayonnaise and edged with chopped parsley. A delicacy during Vidalia onion season

Fried Bologna Sandwich

Grilled bologna with melted yellow cheese, mayonnaise, and mustard on toasted bread. A nostalgic summer lunch favorite.

Egg Salad Sandwiches

A classic egg salad sandwich served at the Masters Tournament, known for its perfect ratio of ingredients. Ideal for quick lunches and party snacks.

Cucumber Sandwiches

Light and refreshing with soft white bread, sliced cucumbers, and an herby cream cheese spread. Prevent sogginess by salting the cucumbers and drying them in a towel.