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Talking to them in their language

A little woofing between friends is fun, but shouting at your dog when they bark, especially if you get louder, can frighten them.

Sharing toys and snacks with them

While toddlers learn to share, Olshavsky argues dogs don't. Dogs really like having things that belong to them.

Throwing them a surprise birthday party

Askeland says dogs hate schedule disruptions, especially surprises. She believes even a fun event like a birthday party might stress your dog.

Assuming a wagging tail means a happy dog

Many people mistake a wagging tail for a sign that the dog enjoys what they're doing, which is one of the most frequent dog misconceptions.

Planting a giant smooch on their snoot

Kissing is a symbol of affection for humans, and your dog probably appreciates any attention, but when you kiss their nose or forehead.

Pretending everything is fine after a bad day

Olshavsky says many dogs are sensitive to their owners' emotions and can be puzzled if you act differently.

Breaking up a puppy wrestling match

Owners think pups are fighting when they nip, growl, bark, and tackle one other, but that's how they play and learn.

Patting their head

Pat your dog's head because she loves you and knows you're in charge. Marrs believes most dogs despise head pats.