8 Protective Styles That Are Gentler On Your Edges

Braided updos are elegant and protective, gently securing your hair away from the edges to minimize tension and breakage.

Braided Updos

Twisted buns combine sophistication with hair protection, as they distribute tension evenly across the scalp.

Twisted Buns

Faux locs offer a low-maintenance option that shields your edges from daily manipulation and environmental stressors.

Faux Locs

Halo braids provide a protective shield around the hairline, distributing weight evenly and reducing tension on fragile edges.

Halo Braids

Loose Bantu knots are a gentle option that preserves the health of your edges while allowing for natural movement and styling versatility. 

Loose Bantu Knots

Cornrow ponytails combine the sleekness of cornrows with the protective benefits of ponytails, keeping edges secure and minimizing tension.

Cornrow Ponytails

Box braids are a timeless protective style that shields edges from daily styling damage. They offer durability and versatility.

Box Braids

Crochet hairstyles are gentle on edges due to their installation method, reducing tension while providing flexibility in styling.

Crochet Hairstyles