8 Electrifying Live Versions of Favorite Songs

Talking Heads, Psycho Killer, Stop Making Sense (1984)

David Byrne s acoustic performance captures Talking Heads raw energy.

Iron Maiden, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Beast Over Hammersmith (1982)

Bruce Dickinson s iconic vocals make this 1982 recording a fan favorite.

Peter Frampton, Do You Feel Like We Do, Frampton Comes Alive (1976)

Frampton s 14-minute live single with a memorable guitar solo defines the '70s.

Bob Marley, Exodus, Babylon by Bus (1978)

This live album features an energetic version of Exodus with powerful solos and vocals.

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Free Bird (1976)

The live version captures '70s Americana, made poignant by a performance shortly before a tragic plane crash.

Tool, Pushit, Red Rocks Amphitheater (1998)

This extended live version with a percussion solo is a fan favorite over the album version.

Elvis Presley, Suspicious Minds, Las Vegas (1970)

Elvis s energetic performance in Las Vegas showcases his strong vocals and charisma.

Nirvana, The Man Who Sold the World, MTV Unplugged Live in New York (1993)

Nirvana s raw, stripped-back cover of Bowie s song won multiple awards.