8 Best Couple Vacations in America for Romance & Fun


Kaua'i has a plethora of unique options for thrill-seeking and sun-loving couples looking to amp up the romance. 


There aren't many things more romantic than being on a secluded island with your partner. Because of Lanai's exclusivity, you may feel as though you and the Hawaiian island wind are the only two. 

Napa Valley

Nestled 60 miles north of San Francisco, this wine lover's dream is the perfect place for a romantic weekend. It is replete with sprawling vineyards, quaint wine caverns, stylish restaurants, and luxurious hotels. 


With more than 425 wineries, Sonoma is another great destination for wine enthusiasts. It is regarded as being more relaxed than its sister, Napa. 

Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina, is a laid-back retreat with pastel-hued historic mansions, art galleries, and delicious Lowcountry cuisine (ideal for couples who enjoy fine dining). 


Proclaiming your love is effortless when you're perched atop red rocks and gazing out over miles of vivid Arizonan scenery. 

Big Sur

Visit Big Sur to experience its untamed charm and windswept shoreline. Big Sur is a serene resort area carved out of the California coast with a few opulent hotels, the primary attraction here is nature. 

Big Sky, MT

Allow Big Sky's expansive landscape, clean air, and rustic romanticism to whisk you and your special someone away from the routine of daily existence.