7 Things to know before getting a French Bulldog

The French are incredibly intelligent. They might also be exceedingly obstinate as a result of this. Intelligent dogs sometimes exhibit the ability to entirely ignore you when you give them a directive they don't want to obey.

Chewing is a passion for Frenchies. Ensure that they are stocked with toys. Have additional on available so you can periodically switch up the toys to keep your Frenchie engaged.

Families love having Frenchies as pets. Despite their little size, French Bulldogs are not delicate canines. They are energetic, playful, and robust dogs. Their even temperament and lively disposition make them a great choice

Frenchies don't bark too much. You won't have to be concerned about your neighbours complaining about noise. Frenchies don't feel the urge to respond since they are quite laid back about what goes on outdoors.

Health issues are a potential risk for French bulldogs. Unfortunately, Frenchies are more vulnerable to get certain illnesses than other breeds of dogs owing to the form of their faces and their genetic makeup.

Frenchies need plenty of care. They crave family, cuddling, playing, and being in the midst. Frenchies cling heavily. This may be due to health issues or separation anxiety.

The French bulldog breed does not shed a lot. Considering that Frenchies have short coats, they will not need a great deal of maintenance either. There are only two times a year that they lose their coat