7 Items From Your 90s Childhood Bedroom That Are Making a Comeback

If you had a canopy bed, you know how it made you feel like royalty resting in a grand castle every night. Originally used for privacy and warmth by European nobility, canopy beds bring romance and comfort to a bedroom.

1) Canopy Bed

From magazine pages to movie tickets and personal photos, collages were a staple in childhood bedrooms. Today, they can serve as a thoughtfully curated mood board on your wall.

2) Collages

Many childhood rooms featured animal-themed decor. These prints can stand the test of time, especially when presented in modern, abstract ways. Designer Anthony Gianacakos's bedroom showcases an abstract goat pattern pillow.

3) Animal Motifs

Perhaps your skirted vanity doubled as a nightstand, or maybe it was solely for your private landline. This timeless piece of furniture remains alluring. Designer Danielle Rollins adores them for their old-school and feminine charm.

4) Skirted Dressing Table

Pantone's 2016 Color of the Year, Rose Quartz (Millennial Pink), fueled a pastel obsession in recent years. Whether on walls or bedding, pastels add a soft, happy touch to any room, as demonstrated by designer Lucy Doswell in this bedroom.

5) Pastels

Whether you had large lanterns hanging from the ceiling corners or a bunch of small ones on a string light, they can easily be repurposed. Lantern-like sconces in this Emily Henderson-designed bedroom offer inspiration for upcycling larger lights.

6) Lantern Lights

While you might not want to rehang those teen magazine tear-outs of baby-faced celeb crushes, band posters can look great framed in your bathroom, media room, or basement. Posters are an affordable way to decorate just add a frame to elevate them.

7) Posters