7 Genius Garden Design Ideas from an Iconic American Landscape

Design Around Stairways

Turn your stairway into a captivating design element by incorporating natural materials like local granite slabs softened by vibrant plantings. At Hollister House, the steps blend seamlessly with yellow-leaved dwarf spirea and violets

Life with Water Features

Enhance the serenity of your garden with the soothing presence of water features. From a tranquil rectangular pool to the smallest bowl or trough, water elements reflect the sky, attract wildlife, and infuse your outdoor space

Repeat Plants

Embrace the power of repetition to create visual harmony and guide the eye through your garden. Echoing colors and textures, such as the chartreuse hues of dwarf spirea and yellow tulips at Hollister House

Allow Plants to Self-Seed

Invite spontaneity into your garden by letting plants self-seed along pathways and borders. Forget-me-nots at Hollister House bring a touch of whimsy to structured spaces, offering unexpected bursts of color and charm.

Stopping Points with Pots

Delight the senses and create focal points by strategically placing decorative pots throughout your garden. Whether it's a patinaed kettle brimming with pansies or an ornate urn nestled in a corner

Pay Attention to Paths

Infuse your garden with a sense of direction and flow by carefully designing pathways. At Hollister House, geometric paths lead visitors through lushly planted areas, while accents of forget-me-nots.

Geometry with Hedges

Define outdoor spaces and add structure to your garden with carefully manicured hedges. Whether framing a formal arrangement like a parterre or delineating smaller beds.