7 Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas And Styles To Try In 2024

Lavender Ombré Curls

Why not try lavender if you want pastel purple or soft blue ombre? Not its pinker, warmer relative, lilac! With proper hair blending, this smokey lavender style exudes elegance and luxury.

Dip Dyed Pastel Ombré

Need a gorgeous, bold color for your next hairstyle? Go nuts with pastel pink and blue ombre on medium hair. Start your bob with a light pink and finish with powdered blue.

Ashy Blonde Ombré Waves

Live dangerously with an ashy blonde ombre with champagne and platinum undertones. For a subtle yet elegant appearance, match this wavy mid-length bob with neutral apparel and pale makeup.

Warm/Cool Blonde Ombré Blunt Cut Ends

This ombre technique is rare. Deep brown roots fade to warm honey golden middle and cool platinum blonde bottom. The three tones produce a spun gold appearance on a blunt medium-length hairstyle.

Platinum Blonde Ombré Straight Bob

Always wanted to seem like a corporate hotshot? One method to get confidence for such a task is to have a great style. Cool-toned ombre with darker roots and platinum blonde tips is captivating. A woman suit looks great with a straight long bob.

Warm Blonde Ombré On Long Waves

My style will suit you if you're a laid-back person who enjoys the little things in life. A sun-kissed look is achieved with this warm golden ombre and long hair in relaxed waves.

Classic Ombré Tight Curls

Want a classic feminine look? Look no further! This classic ombre style keeps the model's jet black roots that rapidly become blonde. Her tight curls give her an old Hollywood style and make her seem tormented by her past.