5 Beauty Products That'll Boost Your Mood

Sunshine in a Bottle

This scent, which includes notes of orange blossom, white blossoms, and slightly salty vanilla, is made with 21 organic plant extracts that have been shown to improve mood. It really gives me a persistent boost in my step.

Helping Hand

This lotion absorbs quickly and soothes my hands even after I've washed them a lot. Rub the rounded sides of the container into your palms for a pleasant mini-massage. Psst: Selena Gomez.

A New Ball Game

Introducing my go-to tool for reducing redness and puffiness: an arnica-based serum that reduces inflammation! For quick results, I roll it onto clean skin after working out or a night out.

Cheeky Fun

Remove all doubt from the contouring process. Using a blush highlighter brush, dab the deeper shade slightly below your cheekbones, mix, and you're done! In order to add definition.

Cloud-Like Conditioner

Without making my delicate hair seem like a pancake, this frothy foam provides the strengthening and softening properties I want from a conditioner.