10 Hair Brushes That Detangle, Smooth, & Impart Shine

Detangling/Wet Hair Brush

Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan loves detangling brushes for their versatility. Use them in the shower to work through conditioner, post-wash to detangle damp hair, or on dry hair before styling.

Boar Bristle Brush

Boar bristle brushes are timeless. Brands like Mason Pearson are renowned for their performance, and now vegan options are available too. These brushes distribute natural oils and enhance shine.

Mini Boar Bristle Brush

Perfect for on-the-go styling, mini boar bristle brushes are great for edges, teasing, and smoothing flyaways. Marjan notes their usefulness for the finer hair around the hairline.

Round Brush

Essential for bouncy blowouts, round brushes create volume, curls, and waves. Ryan Pearl advises sectioning hair and wrapping it around the brush while blow-drying for best results.

Teasing Brush

Teasing brushes are ideal for adding volume at the roots and prepping hair for updos. Marjan suggests backcombing the underside of a hair section to create lasting lift and texture.

Cushion Brush

Cushion brushes have a padded bristle bed for gentle brushing. They're excellent for blow drying, smoothing, and gathering hair without causing damage, making them highly popular.

Curved Brush

Curved brushes are vented and flexible, contouring to the head's shape. They are gentle and ideal for sleek looks or working with natural hair textures due to their adaptable design.

Vented Brush

Vented brushes, available in various shapes, facilitate quick hair drying. The vented back allows air to flow through, speeding up the blow-drying process for efficient styling.

Wide-Tooth Comb

Wide-tooth combs are great for many hair types, especially for finishing curled styles. Marjan uses them to achieve a relaxed look and to distribute conditioner or treatments in the shower.

Rat-Tail Comb

Rat-tail combs have an ultra-slim handle for sectioning hair, creating parts, and smoothing bumps. While versatile for styling, their bristle side is less commonly used for brushing.