10 Famous Fashion Quotes by Legendary Fashion Designers

Avoid following trends. Don't let fashion define who you are or what you wish to convey; instead, use your appearance and lifestyle choices to reflect who you are.

Gianni Versace on trends

Fashion plays a crucial role. Like anything that brings joy, it improves life and is worthwhile to perform well.

Vivienne Westwood on the importance of fashion

Buy only what you need to, but make sure it's high-quality stuff.

Gianni Versace on trends

My connection with fashion has always been based on the idea that we are all the stars of our own films, dressing up as the characters we wish to be.

Marc Jacobs on expressing yourself through fashion

If you dress poorly, people will remember the dress; if you dress beautifully, people will remember the woman.

Coco Chanel on the power of a good outfit

Having nice clothes doesn't always translate into being well-groomed. It all comes down to common sense and balance.

Oscar de la Renta on the art of dressing well

Your mood and body language change when you wear shoes. They uplift you both mentally and physically.

Christian Louboutin on how shoes can uplift you

Labels are not always important in fashion. It isn't about names. It has to do with something more inside to you.

Ralph Lauren on the true meaning of fashion

When a lady feels at ease in her clothing, she is always more attractive.

Vera Wang on not sacrificing comfort

While wearing gorgeous clothing and enjoying fashion can be enjoyable, not everything should be saved for the best.

John Galliano on having more fun with fashion