10 Designer-Approved Bathroom Trends Taking Over 2024

Elevated Vanities

Floating vanities with space beneath are gaining popularity, offering both style and practicality for your bathroom.

Split Sinks for Personal Space

Separated sinks provide individual space and are favored for fostering harmony in relationships, allowing for diverse design choices.

Sleek Black Faucets

Black faucets add a touch of sophistication and pair beautifully with metallic accents, elevating the bathroom's aesthetic.

Natural Stone Flooring

Incorporating nature into bathrooms with stone flooring brings a serene and spa-like ambiance, offering various color schemes to match your design preferences.

Luxurious Stand-Alone Bathtubs

Stand-alone tubs add a sense of luxury and space to larger bathrooms, with diverse designs to complement different styles.

Modern Checkered Tiling

Moving away from traditional black and white, neutral-colored checkered tiles create a serene atmosphere, ideal for a spa-inspired setting.

Light Wood Accents

Incorporating light woods like bamboo and oak adds warmth and relaxation to the bathroom, echoing the wellness trend of 2024.

Framed Shower Enclosures

Showers are becoming focal points with framed enclosures, adding depth and luxury to the bathroom space.

Elegant Marble Elements

Marble countertops, basins, and tubs bring a touch of elegance and uniqueness to bathrooms, adding a luxurious feel.

Wooden Cladding for Spa Vibes

Wooden cladding, especially bamboo, evokes a sauna-like atmosphere, ideal for creating a tranquil retreat within your home.